【鋼鐵寶貝 - 幕後製作】

這部在去年 05月27日 po 上 Youtube 的影片" Iron Baby ",獲得廣大的迴響,迄今已有超過七百萬的瀏覽次數了。

作者於部落格的 Po 文:

Just finished a very complete and technical Iron Baby Making Of. The Iron Baby (click here for the original video) was a video that went viral on YouTube last year and that I did with my friend Patrick Boivin who was director and who had the origial idea. It’s targeted towards 3D artists with detailed explanations about using 3DS Max and Vray to obtain photorealistic results but the first video is more accessible for everyone with some “on the set” footages.

作者在 Youtube 的頻道
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