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Path Tracing with Canvas and HTML5 Web Workers

太酷了!又是一個驚人的雲端 3D 應用,這次是 Render ,而且,還是光線追蹤,基於擬真物理原理的數學運算!(作者還做了色溫的調校,也依據 fresnel 原理 ) 運用了 HTML5 的 Canvas 功能。雖然目前看來實驗價值高於實用性,卻也揭示出了雲端、Web、HTML5 ... 等等的可塑性,頗具想像空間。

進入 Render 網頁(建議使用 Google Chrome 瀏覽器)


Jonas Wagner’s latest experiment is path tracing which is, apparently, a simple, slow, but very realistic version of ray tracing. What’s awesome is that it’s pure JavaScript, baby. It uses the canvas element for display, and web workers for efficiency.

This means you should run it on Chrome, anything else is way too slow. That’s not to say Chrome is fast, but at least something is visible within an average human life span. Regardless of the speed, I found it mesmerising to watch :)

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