【法國科幻動畫長片 - The Prodigies】

4/17 更新!

The Prodigies - 開眼電影的中文翻譯是先知,原意是少年天才、神童!
這是一部法國的動畫長片,預計2011年5月25日上映,由 Studio 37 Orange 所製作。動作是使用動態捕捉技術 motion capture (at Attitude Studio 巴黎)。故事是改編自 1981年由 Bernard Lenteric 寫的小說維基資料)。(由電視影集 Galactik Football 的導演 Antoine Charreyron 執導 - 動畫筆記本資料)

紐約,中央公園,五個天才少年正密謀一場完美的復仇計畫 … "

" NYC, Central Park, 2010. Five young teenagers are violently assaulted. But they’re not your average
teenagers… they’re prodigies. The trauma of the assault incites them to lash out against the world
in a cold and calculating way. The five chillingly brilliant minds come together to concoct a perfect
revenge. The only person aware of the pending doom is Jimbo Farrar, a sixth prodigy, who has gathered them. As long as he fights against his five counterparts with all his might, there’s hope for the world. But should he turn over to their side, it’s only a matter of time before a disaster of apocalyptic proportions ensues… "




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