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Walkthrough Videos: Jeff Gabor
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Check this videos by Blue Sky animator, Jeff Gabor on Ice Age 3. Jeff Gabor has fantastic clips showing the evolution of his shot from layout to finished stage.

In-Depth Shot Progression Reel

Here’s another progression reel by Jeff Gabor from Ice Age 3. This one is incredibly resourceful because of how thorough it is. Every stage of the shot’s development is shown. Would be animators can gauge just how much work it takes to make a shot like this that breezes by so quickly. This has already been posted at Animation Progression Reels, but I’m posting a high definition Quicktime download which is great for frame by frame analysis.

Ratatouille Progression Reel

Reference / Blocking / Refining

Blue Sky Studio's animator Jeff Gabor shows with this demo reel the basic steps of animation based on Horton Hears a Who.

Progression "The Incredibles"- Carlos Baena

Making of Planet 51 - Set dressing, Carolina Jimenez's Reel

©Carolina Jimenez / ©Ilion Animation Studios
Thank you Carolina Jimenez!
Posted by AndrewRoot

Posted by AndrewRoot

Kung fu Panda Progression Reel:

Monsters Inc - Progression reel:

Progression reel 的資料網站:

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