【用動畫說動畫 - 3D 動畫角色製作過程】【W⁺】

Character Creation Process - 完成版.沒有音樂

NEEKOE 的個人版本,不提供嵌入功能)Character Creation Process - 未完成版.有音樂


「Team Clockwork is sometimes accused of making things look easy – 
this is no exception! Here, in brief, is the making of a 3D character. 
We go from 2D concept, to 3D model, add textures,
build a rig and animate a simple walk cycle.」~ Vimeo

Studio: Clockwork VFX

ADCO Montage

The ADCO Life Protection Rules are 9 simple rules to prevent death and/or injury in the extreme conditions of the oil and gas industry. Our ode to health and safety blossomed into over 22 minutes of character animation, giving a sometimes visceral view of what can go wrong and how you can protect yourself from disaster. From script development and storyboarding, to set and character design, to animation, VFX, motion graphics and audio, this project was a massive undertaking for the Clockwork Team. If we save a few lives, I would say it was time well spent.
這一系列其實是位於杜拜的Clockwork VFX為某機構做的動畫版 - 職業傷害預防原則。上面這部ADCO Montage是全系列超過22分鐘的動畫精華剪輯!(如有說明錯誤請指正!感謝!)

下面放上全系列九部影片來源 - Vimeo

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